Wednesday, October 30, 2013


So, I completed my first triathlon on 27 June. It was a great experience and a very humbling one. I embarked on this journey in an order to help raise money for a mission trip I am planning on going on with South Side Baptist Church.

When I started this trip I was unsure of where the Lord was leading me. All the love, support, and prayers that all of my friends, relatives and long lost friends have poured out on me have blown me away. Your encouragement has been truly overwhelming and humbling. So, thank you! I truly hope that because of your support and God’s plan that I will be able to make a lasting impact for His Kingdom on my trip.

Currently Pastor Jacques of the Haiti Bible Institute is facing a threat from corrupt government officials. I would ask that you pray for the Lord to work a miracle and protect his mission work.  I am looking forward to getting the opportunity to serve the Lord, thank you for again for all of your support!


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